Brooke E. Sanchez Attorney at Law Driven by the goal to provide affordable and effective representation to consumers throughout the community, Brooke has almost 10 years of experience and has participated in over 2000 bankruptcy cases and a wide range of other consumer areas such as consumer/debtor rights, contracts, Fair Debt Collection, Fair Credit Reporting, and student loan law.
Brooke E. Sanchez
John V. Lee Founder / Attorney at Law

John represents landlords and tenants in business and residential legal matters. The firm litigates landlord and tenant rights arising under the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) and the landlord tenant provisions of the Code of Alabama, Section 6-6-310 et. seq. which apply to commercial rental agreement disputes.

John Lee has practiced law and tried civil cases for 35 years. He has successfully litigated thousands of landlord tenant cases in the courts of Southwest Alabama which include Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Monroe, Clark and Escambia counties. These cases involved monetary and conduct related lease defaults.

John V. Lee